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In 2004 while still a student (6th year of the FA-UTL) I began my internship in the city I was born in. I started working in the MUNICIPALITY OF VILA FRANCA DE XIRA and liaised with various departments. Developed several public space projects for different levels but felt I needed more. In 2006 I chose to move to Amsterdam, Netherlands and embark on another adventure.


During 2007 and 2008 I worked at CITYTHOUGHTS ARCHITECTS - AMSTERDAM with Rowin Petersma and Bastiaan Griebling. An experience that expanded my horizons after working 2 years in the Municipality. Working as an Assistant Architect, I developed works on several levels. The focus was mainly graphics, image and final presentation of the executed projects.


Returning to Portugal in 2008, I started working at the VALE DO LOBO LUXURY RESORT in the ALGARVE GOLDEN TRIANGLE where I am still currently working.  Working in this resort, I have connected various aspects of architecture i.e. design, licensing and execution projects for the construction of luxury villas as well as refurbishment and extension of older properties. Designing turn key projects for custom built villas - from the first meeting with our clients to 3d perspectives, technical drawings and construction.


The portfolio is just a small example of what I have developed to date and on the first few pages you can find some additional background information.


There would be a lot more to say but we leave that for the next opportunity…


Hugo Machado

Hugo Machado foto02_trabalhadaWEB.jpg

I was born in 1980 in Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, in 1999 attended ARCHITECTURE COLLEGE AT THE LISBON TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY,   (FACULDADE DE ARQUITECTURA - UNIVERSIDADE TÉCNICA DE LISBOA) where I studied ARCHITECTURE and URBAN PLANNING until 2004. From an early age, I discovered the enormous potential of this course that was transversal to all architecture areas and my career has been a reflection of this as I have to date literally worked in every area.


My love of travelling and experiencing other cultures meant that I immediately became interested in the international exchange internship program (Erasmus) in 2002 at the FACOLTÀ DI ARCHITETTURA CIVILE DEL POLITECNICO DI MILANO in ITALY developing, together with other students of FA-UTL, a detailed plan to  redevelop a former industrial area on the outskirts of Milan - Bovisa. Not being completely satisfied with only developing the detailed plan we decided to develop the architectural designs of some equipment, services and housing and urban furniture. The experience was extraordinary not only for us, students at the time, but also for the teachers and colleagues. The result was a reflection of our labor and executed projects but also on the final grade - 30 with honors (highest grade on the Italian scale).


At the end of my studies in 2003, I attended the IAEE (International Architectural Educational Exchange) program at the COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN STUDIES AT VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with students from all over the world participating in this project - Democratic Spaces – redeveloping an area surrounding the RFK stadium and the Anacostia River in Washington. An intense two week program discussing ideas and concepts that by the end of the workshop the experience surpassed the barriers of architecture.

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